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scent styling

Febreze products.

From the perfect pillow placement to arranging furniture for good energy flow, we all know interior design is paramount in creating your dream home. We focus on the colors, material, and textures that look and feel good, but did you know your sense of smell and scent is an equally important factor to achieve the perfect ambiance in every room of your home?

enter scent styling:

A fresh new design concept from the fragrance experts at Febreze that involves arranging different scents for every room’s purpose, mood, and odors. Science shows that smell has a profound impact on both mental and physical wellbeing. By thoughtfully layering scents throughout your home, you can curate an atmosphere for every room’s purpose and mood.

Garcelle Beauvais.

Febreze partnered with actress, author and home decor designer Garcelle Beauvais to share how to expertly Scent Style with Febreze AIR fresheners best-suited to reflect the unique style, personality, and mood of every room. With Garcelle’s expertise, and the wide variety of Febreze AIR fragrances, it’s easy to find the perfect scents to turn your spaces into sanctuaries.

what's your scent style?

How do you find your Scent Style? It’s easy Febreze-y.

Step 1

Think about the room and how it’s used.

Living Room.
Home Office.

Which room in your house needs a pick-me-up? What do you most commonly do in that room, or what do you want to be doing in that room? Does this activity create odors? You’ll want a different vibe in a room where you’ll zen out and meditate than a room where you’ll watch football with guests.

Step 2

Consider the visual aesthetic and the overall mood.


All the elements of your room should feel cohesive – and that includes the way it smells, too. Do you go for the clean, minimal lines of modern design? Or do you prefer the carefree, multi-textured style of Bohemian? Think about how different scents will feel with different looks. Farmhouse, for example, works well with fragrances with natural notes, while industrial is better-suited with cleaner, masculine aromas.

Step 3

Follow your nose to your favorite fragrances.


Think about your scent aesthetic. Do you gravitate towards clean, refreshing scents? Floral or fruity? And which of these fragrances will deliver on the ambiance you want to create?

This easy approach will help you identify the best Scent Style for that space. From there, build out the blueprint for your entire home by repeating this in each room. And remember, just like with design styles, your Scent Style will continue to evolve over time and feel different from season to season. Embracing a new Scent Style is a turnkey way to freshen up a space – literally and figuratively! So don’t be afraid to change it up.

Ready to Scent Style?

These expert-curated scent profiles are designed to help you easily Scent Style every room in your home. And the corresponding Febreze AIR fragrances will freshen while fighting any stinks that could break up your flow. Go on, breathe happy.

Calm & Zen.

Calm & zen

Perfect for your bedroom – or any other space where you want to relax and recharge.

Let the calming notes found in nature give you the time out you need. Breathe the delight in, breathe the delight out. Your room’s soul will thank you.


staycation vibes

Ideal for entertaining in spaces where everyone gathers.

A paradise awaits… right in your own home. Turn your room into an island resort with scents of the tropics. Floral notes take you outta the everyday blues to forever summer beverage-in-your-hand vibes. Cue the steel drums. Excursions extra.

Tooty Fruity.

Tooty fruity

To give you an energy boost – including tackling those home workouts.

Are you looking to inject some vibrancy into your space, whether it’s your den, garage, or basement? Sweet fruity notes can bring a bright uplifting change to even the darkest of rooms.

Five Stars.

Five stars

When you or your loved ones just need a little pampering, turn any room into a luxurious hotel.

First class. 3000 thread count sheets. A private butler. One spray to create the ambiance. Let bespoke, elevated scents instantly lift your room to help you live your best life.

Flower Power.

Flower Power

Use wherever you need to get your creative juices flowing – perfect for taking on at-home DIY projects.

Are you crafty? Do you have an art room or studio? Floral notes can give you a spark of inspiration and help make your ideas blossom.



Ideal for home offices and other spaces where you need to concentrate.

Malodors are a distraction. Fight bad smells and freshen with clean, crisp notes to help clear your mind of clutter, and give you more room to focus.